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Leverage Auto Appraisals serves Portland, Oregon, specializing in Oregon total loss claims. We provide consumers representation on auto appraisal clause disputes for total loss vehicles. Please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (503)420-3001 an operator is standing by and we’re ready to help.


Progressive total loss claim, sometimes, your vehicle’s value exceeds the limit of coverage provided by the UMPD/UIMPD. This means that you’ll be short of funds even if your policy provides enough coverage.

If you total a financed vehicle, Progressive insurance will normally pay the vehicle’s actual cash value. Although, it may not be the amount you expected. Not only are they not easy to understand, they make it almost impossible for people to file a car insurance claim and recover what they should. As with most insurance companies, they only care about making money and maximize their profits. Progressive is worth approximately $60 billion, yes with a “B” Billion dollars. They didn’t get there by Flo working a side job either. They got there the good old American insurance way, by paying claimants less if they can. 

To avoid getting caught late or having a disputed payment, always contact the company that financed the vehicle. Your credit is important, so make sure that you pay your bills on time. Also, make sure that you have enough insurance coverage to cover the remaining balance on your vehicle.

If the insurance payment isn’t enough to cover your loan, or if the vehicle’s value is less than its real worth, a gap insurance policy can help cover the difference.

Regardless of how you or your car was involved in the accident, call or visit your insurance company to report a claim.

Feel you’re not receiving a fair value on your vehicle? Contact Ken Nix today to help you recover your fair market value from your insurance company on your totaled car, truck, motorcycle, collector car or RV. Ken specializes in Oregon total loss appraisal clause claim disputes helping consumers recover their true fair market value on their total loss. If you’re received an unfair offer from your insurance company where they have used a CCC One or Mitchell – J.D. Power valuation, we can normally easily help you increase the offer by a considerable amount quickly and easily. Under Oregon law, if we increase the amount just one cent more than the last offer your insurance company made you, they have to reimburse the full cost of our appraisal/negotiation service. Over 99% of our clients receive 100% reimbursement of the appraisal costs and a significant increase in their total loss settlement.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying:

  • All I can say is Wow! Money and time well spent. State Farm offered me $3,000 more than the original offer after they knew Ken was involved. That offer was still $7,000 less than Ken was able to get me even after paying my $1,000 deductible.
  • Originally farmers offered me 18k. I told them I would take 24k, and they said I wasn’t an appraiser. Good thing ken is, cause I got more than that. The final payout was 28,250. Wow!
  • He was able to get me close to 30% more than what the insurance company originally offered, which was close to 2x what I realistically thought I would get out of the process. He definitely knows the industry inside and out and is prepared to go the extra mile to get you what you deserve.
  • We ended up getting 8K more for the vehicle than previously offered. I highly recommend this company for any low ball insurance offers!
  • The insurance was fast to offer me the CCC value which was $21k. Ken was able to settle for a little over $30k, which was above and beyond any of my expectations.
  • Ken was able to get us almost double what insurance originally offered and really made us feel like we were finally getting a fair deal.
  • My insurance companies virtual appraiser offered me $4,170 for my fairly rare AMG. With Ken, it took a total of 4 weeks for me to get the money in my account… All $15,003!
  • They were able to retrieve over 42% of what the company originally offered and not to mentioned the countless hours it saved of my own time/time away from work handling the situation.
  • Ken held the insurance companies feet to the fire, and forced them to increase my vehicle valuation by thousands of dollars. Best of all, it was free; the insurance company’s are required to reimburse you for the appraisal! You have everything to gain and nothing to loose by hiring Ken.



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