Tips on Negotiating an Oregon Total Loss Claim Yourself.

​Tips, for Negotiating a Total Loss Claim on Your Vehicle in Oregon

Negotiating the value of a loss claim with your insurance provider in Oregon may seem overwhelming but its not impossible. By equipping yourself with the knowledge and preparation you can ensure that you receive compensation for your vehicle. Here’s a step by step guide on negotiating the value of your loss claim;

1. Gather all documentation; Before getting in touch with your insurance company gather all relevant documents pertaining to your vehicle including purchase records, service history, receipts for any improvements or modifications made to the car and any other information that might impact its value prior to the accident. This documentation will serve as evidence of how investment you have made in the vehicle should there be any discrepancies regarding its worth.

2. Contact your insurance company; Once you have compiled all documentation reach out to your insurance company. Inform them about your intention to negotiate the value of your total loss claim. Your insurer will then provide you with an estimate of how they’re willing to offer for the vehicle.

3. Conduct market research; Take some time to conduct research on vehicles in good condition that are being sold within your area. This will give you an idea of their market values. Enable you to gauge whether or not the offer from your insurance company is fair.

By following these steps and being well prepared you can confidently negotiate with your Oregon based insurance provider. Secure a favorable outcome, for yourself.
This approach can provide you with an understanding of the cars value and in some cases even exceed the offer made by the insurance company.

4. Engage in negotiations; If there is a disparity, between the insurance company’s offer and the prices cars are being sold for in your area you can utilize this evidence to negotiate for a higher total loss value. Clearly present your research. Explain why the cars value should be greater than their offer. It is important to maintain an professional demeanor throughout the negotiation process to ensure an outcome.

By following these steps you have a chance to effectively negotiate for a loss value from your automotive insurance provider based in Oregon. This way you can maximize your vehicles worth. Best of luck!

If you find it challenging to negotiate for an increased claim amount, on your own here are tips;

1. Familiarize yourself with the appraisal clause stated in your insurance policy – Most auto collision policies include an appraisal clause that allows you to request an auto appraisal when there is disagreement regarding the value of a vehicle deemed as a loss.
Understanding the details mentioned in the appraisal clause can be beneficial as it allows you to know your rights and assess whether you have grounds to contest an insurance companys offer for a loss.

2. If you’re unsure, about the value of your vehicle seeking an opinion from a certified vehicle appraiser in Oregon can provide insights. We offer a complimentary claim review to assist you in making a decision. Please refer below for information.

3. In cases where you prefer your vehicle to be classified as totaled but the insurance company insists on repairs it’s essential to check for any damages that were not initially disclosed during the inspection. Uncovering damage could provide leverage when challenging the insurance companys reasoning for not declaring it as a loss. Remember, ensuring your vehicles safety is crucial not just fixing it.

4. Take into consideration the value of restoring your vehicle if it holds historical significance. If you own a car limited edition model or antique automobile there is a possibility that its worth, after restoration might exceed what the insurance company has appraised for loss. To determine this accurately consulting an auto appraiser is usually recommended.

When it comes to comparing prices and values of used cars it is important to search for vehicles in condition. This will help determine if an insurance company is offering an amount of compensation, for a loss appraisal. It’s worth noting that prices have been decreasing recently so if your date of loss is more than a weeks ago it’s advisable to have a professional appraiser review your claim

Once you have gathered evidence that suggests you should receive money you can begin negotiating with the adjuster to potentially increase the loss appraisal amount. Alternatively you can invoke your appraisal clause. Avoid negotiation with the adjuster. This will require the insurance company to hire an auto appraiser of imposing their own value on you.

If negotiations with the adjuster prove unsuccessful reaching out to your states insurance department might be worthwhile. They can offer assistance and guidance, on how to proceed in order to receive a total loss appraisal offer from your insurance company. To file a complaint or contact them directly you can visit their website at; https;//dfr.oregon.gov/Pages/index.aspx

Leverage Auto Appraisals serves all of Oregon, specializing in Oregon total loss claim disputes. We provide consumers representation on auto appraisal clause disputes for total loss vehicles. Please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (503)420-3001 an operator is standing by and we’re ready to help.


Why Choose Leverage Auto Appraisals to Fight For You?

By Oregon Law, you are entitled to dispute the value your insurance company has offered you if you feel it is lower than it should be. Your insurance company must work in good faith to settle your total loss claim. The appraisal clause in your insurance policy is your best defense against lowball offers. Most insurance companies use a 3rd party valuation service such as CCC ONE, Mitchell, JD Powers, or Audatex, and will normally not go over what that valuation states your vehicle is worth.

But, the truth is the valuation may be riddled with mistakes since it is a calculated value based on a machine alone. It’s not uncommon to see comparables with 50,000 more miles than your vehicle being adjusted thousands of dollars compared to your lower mileage vehicle to devalue your vehicle. If you see the same condition adjustment on all of their comparables, you’re probably being taken advantage of and should contact us immediately.

Oregon Certified Appraiser

When Hiring an Auto Appraiser, make sure they are certified by the Oregon Department of Transportation. Otherwise, the appraisal may not be considered credible. Ken Nix an Oregon certified and licensed auto appraiser. #V34-075

Credible Automotive Experience

Ken Nix has 12+  years experience negotiating total loss claims against insurance companies, with over 40 years of  automotive and expert negotiating experience. He knows the vehicles, which is one of the biggest problems with the industry. So many auto appraisers are ex-body shop estimators or ex-insurance adjusters with no previous experience evaluating or selling vehicles.

Credible Valuations

We follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (U.S.P.A.P.) standards for credible appraisals and our appraisals are powered by with CARFAX Total Loss Valuation Tools to produce strong, credible appraisals. Beware companies that inflate their estimated value in an effort to entice you because they have the largest value. Largest doesn’t mean you’ll settle for more, normally it has the opposite effect. Solid credible documented work shows how we arrived at the value is the key.


We Don't Work For Insurance Companies

Unlike most auto appraisers, Ken only works for consumers and has never worked for an insurance company. No one’s shoving an envelope full of money across the table. But, there could be appraisers that develop methodologies to produce lower values in hopes of acquiring future business from the insurance companies. Some of these guys work both sides. (FYI, my attorney made me add the “could be” above to keep me from being sued). I’m sure no one would really do that, would they?

Located in Oregon

LEVERAGE Auto Appraisals is located right here in Oregon. Our main office is in Portland, Oregon. Although, we service all of Oregon including Medford, Eugene, Springfield, Coos Bay, Pendleton, Bend, Grants Pass, Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Salem, and Tigard, Oregon. Be aware many auto appraisers who appear they’re local but are from Florida, Texas, North Carolina, etc., are not licensed by ODOT to appraise vehicles in Oregon.

100% Reimbursement

As long as we increase the last offer from your insurance company one cent under your Oregon Insurance Policy’s appraisal clause, by Oregon law, your insurance company is required to provide you with 100% reimbursement of the appraisal cost. OAR 836-080-0240


It’s Simple. Just follow our proven process below and recover your fair market value and appraisal costs from your insurance company in just 6 easy steps.

1. Gather Documentation

Request a PDF of the Evaluaton from your insurance company. Have it ready when you fill out our questionnaire in the next step. Or, email it to with your name in the subject line.

2. Free Claim Review

Request a Free Total Loss Claim Review in our form below, or call us at 503.420.3001 to find out how much your vehicle is really worth. We won’t waste your time by selling you an appraisal you don’t need.


3. Order Appraisal

Place Your Order, and our Oregon Licensed and Certified Appraiser, Ken Nix will prepare the report and negotiation strategy.

4. Letter of Representation

We will send a letter of representation to your insurance company to inform them we are representing you as your appraiser under your appraisal clause.

5. Claim Negotiation

The insurance company will hire an independent appraiser and Ken will negotiate with them on your behalf to arrive at a fair settlement.


6. Settlement

Once we have an signed agreement as to the actual Fair Market Value of your vehicle, your insurance company will award your the settlement and under Oregon Law, will reimburse your appraisal cost under OAR 836-080-0240.

Oregon Auto Appraiser Ken NixEach appraisal is overseen and signed by our Appraisal Director, Ken Nix. Ken has worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years and is a highly respected automotive authority. Founder of the Volkswagen Owners Club, with over 60,000 members worldwide, he is an internationally known automotive expert and certified Oregon auto appraiser. He has testified as an expert witness in many automotive value arbitrations, jury trials, and criminal restitution court cases. Ken has over 7 years of experience working for Honda, 3 years with Toyota, 3 years with Volkswagen and Volvo, and over 3 years with Ford and Chevrolet. He’s worked directly with hundreds of national dealership personnel such as Dealer Principals, General Managers, GSMs, and  Fixed-Ops Directors while employed with Reynolds and Reynolds developing and consulting on automotive marketing and customer retention.

READY FOR A FREE CLAIM REVIEW? Email the PDF of the CCC One, Mitchell / J.D. Powers or other evaluation of your vehicle to: . With the SUBJECT: FREE CLAIM REVIEW with your NAME. Then call us at 503.567.8900 for a free claim review. (Example: FREE CLAIM REVIEW – KEN NIX) If I’m unable to immediately take your call, please leave your information with our live answering service (which will take your call 24/7).  I’ll call you as soon as I’m available. Please allow a little time as I may be negotiating a claim or inspecting a vehicle when you call during the day. If it is later at night, I may call you the next morning. I’ll call you back from my Cell Phone sometimes, ending in 0539. Thank you for considering me as your auto appraiser.


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